Hodge Podge

The Inner Sanctum

breeding ground for the Bugzz comic strip Breeding ground for the Bugzz comic strip. This is where Bugzz sees the light of day, although I’m amazed anything can see the light of day with all this clutter around (and this is after I cleaned my desk up). There are no drawing tables or inkwells around, because everything here is done by computer (except for napkin doodles…..).

Wisdom of the Ancients

My politics in a nutshell (adds a whole new meaning to the term ‘kitty litter’…).

A Grave Musical Performance

…Halloween is just around the corner.

A Walk on the Wool Side….

Illustration for website devoted to independent walking tours of the British Isles. The website owner (shown with wife and native inhabitants posing in background) has published a number of guidebooks canvasing the nooks and crannies of England, Scotland, and Wales. Jolly good, eh, what? britishFootpaths_006

Classic Lizards

Original design for Bezango, WA, a documentary by Austin Amandes Productions (www.austinamandes.com) chronicling cartoonist personalities in the NW and the history of regional cartoondom.

Classic hippies

Alternate design for the aforementioned Bezango, WA documentary by Austin Amandes Productions. Lizards or cats & dogs — take your pick…..

A Matter of Health

Black and white illustrations for Washington Health Foundation. These are pages from a one-a-day calendar designed as a daily recorder/guide for those living with Type 2 Diabetes.



This next one is a pastiche in the style of a relatively obscure cartoonist…..


Next up, another pastiche in the style of Jules Pfeiffer, famed artist for The Village Voice, New Yorker magazine and many other national publications.


This is a pastiche in the style of….well, I’m not really sure, but it must have been someone I saw in the New Yorker.


My last parody, a slavish imitation of the fine pen&ink artwork of Sir John Tenniel.





Frog Art

Vector illustrations of frogs in vintage clothing for Snohomish Kla-Ha-Ya Days summer festival 2014. Snohomish? It’s a quaint burg ┬áin Washington State; I think the name translates to “Land of many lillypads”, but don’t hold me to it.